Air Combat

We plan some RC Air Combat for Nasafi 2019.

Let us plan this for around 17H00 in the afternoon every day for not longer than 1 hour to reserve time for night flying and dinner.

The rules are simple and the focus is fun.

Essentially RC combat is flying similar performance models, tugging a streamer, and trying to cut the streamer with your prop scoring points.   

  • We do not have classes, any FW can participate.
  • Each is handed a streamer to tie to their craft, all streamers the same length and new from packaging.
  • When all are in the air, signal is given and there are 5 minutes to cut streamers.
  • When the signal given again, all to land ASAP and the lenghts are measured.
  • 1 point per cm left.
  • We add all points from Monday to Wednesday to decide a winner.