Entry Form

Your name
We embroid your nick name and real name on your cap. If you do not have a nick name, use your name or we might provide you with a nick name!
Enter your SAMAA number(Only paid up SAMAA member allowed)
We need to send you updates, EFT info etc.
For fast efficient communication.
We want to see where you from, far and wide!
1 shirt and Cap included in the entry fee. By now you know we issue smart shirts!
Should you want to purchase an additional shirt or a shirt for your wife, partner, etc.
Just to give us an idea what to prepare for and make you stay enjoyable.
This is used for the Food price total, what you select x the number you give here.
We recommend eating at the club with the team for a healthy spirit and good food for little money. If you pay in advance it makes all the logistics so much easier.
This is required and the form not submitted if you feel not to accept.