Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Where can we stay?
    1. Look at our Accommodation page or Google for Guest Houses in Springbok. The surrounding town Nababeep and O’Okiep is not far from Springbok. There are also caravan/camping parks in the vicinity.
  2. Q: What can I fly?
    1. At Nasafi we accommodate Foamies, Sticks, Large Scale, Jets, Helicopters, RC Jumpers, RC Cars, Multi-Rotors (No track though for racing) Contact us if in doubt.
  3. Q: Do I need a Gold Proficiency to fly at Nasafi?
    1. No, Nasafi is a Fly-In hence normal club rules apply. All participants must be SAMAA approved/active/paid up members.
    2. If we do a show, then Gold is required for that specific stream.
    3. All the normal SAMAA rules apply.
  4.  Can I bring friends along?
    1. Yes, if they want a goodie bag, they need to enter as well.
  5. How far is Springbok from me?
    1. Springbok is about 1200 km from Pretoria and about 650 km from Cape Town.
    2. If Traveling from Gauteng, Kuruman is halfway, if you plan a sleepover. 
  6. What does Nasafi mean?
    1. Nasafi takes place at the Springbok Airport which is also the Namaqualand Sport Association, abbreviated as NASA. If you add FI for Fly-in, it becomes NASAFI
  7. Are there a WhatsApp Group for Nasafi?
    1. Contact admin on  +27 83 659 4381 and ask to be included.
  8. Where can I find Nasafi on Facebook?
    1. Follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nasafi/
  9. What must I take with other than my flying crafts?
    1. Some form of Gazebo or shading to put up and chairs.
  10. Are there food and drink for sale during the day?
    1. Yes, there are food and drink for sale during the day. Dinner is also at the field/clubhouse for sale as very decent high quality set menu for the week.